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What Are Hydraulic Power Units

October 2, 2014

HPUs, or hydraulic power devices as they are typically known are machines which are made use of in a wide variety of markets including building, farming and fishing along with the offshore oil and gas market. Whenever you have to move a heavy load and even crush trash, lift a vehicle or cut some metal pipeline, chances are you will have to make use of hydraulic power.
Hydraulic power is sent by circulating a pressurized fluid which results in a mechanical output. The fluid in concern is similar to engine oil and operates at high temperatures and pressures. The kind of fluid relies on HPUs the kind of application in concern and an entire industry has actually grown up supplying various kinds of fluid developed for specialist in addition to basic applications.
A basic example of a hydraulic power system that most of us are fairly usual with are the brakes on a normal everyday car. When you press the pedal down the hydraulic fluid, or in this case brake fluid, is weighed down into a piston and sent around the pipelines. The resultant force on the brake pads uses pressure to the discs and the friction acts to slow down the vehicle. Simple and reliable. However, even a simple system like this is not without its issues. For instance, if the fluid level drops or air enters the system, then the brakes may fail so it's vital that the braking system, just like any hydraulic device, is regularly maintained.

Obviously, if it is essential for basic hydraulic power systems such as car brakes to be preserved, then you can picture how crucial it is for hydraulic power systems which operate in hostile environments such as the overseas oil and gas industry to be routinely serviced and to follow a strict preventative maintenance routine. Lots of modern hydraulic power systems contain sophisticated ranges of electronics developed to keep track of every aspect of the system's performance in addition to allowing fully automatic control of the system. A growing number of the systems can also be combined to communication systems which permit remote monitoring and control.

In the offshore oil and gas industry, hydraulic power devices are utilized in a huge variety of applications including oil spill clean-up, cutting and drilling and, naturally lifting equipment consisting of high ability cranes.

One of the most vital parts of any hydraulic power unit is the filtration system. Reliable purification is vital in order to make sure that wear is lessened and that crucial failure due to impurities in the hydraulic fluid is kept within safe working restrictions. Other important parts of an HPU include pressure control valves which are made use of to limit or regulate the hydraulic pressure within the system, directional control valves which allow the operator to direct oil flow around the system and of course a variety of instrumentation to help monitor the oil level temperature levels and pressures. In many cases HPUs is likewise contain cooling devices which assist to guarantee longer life and much better efficiency of the system.
An HPU might, on the face of it, seem like a fairly basic device but, relying on the application, these gadgets can vary from something as uncomplicated as a few pipes and pistons to a totally automated online regulated power management system. Obviously, prices differ wildly relying on the application in hand so is constantly wise to seek skilled advice when attempting to specify the best type of HPU for your needs.
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